Adjusting the Bioring Adjustable Gastric Band

It is important to understand that when you attend your follow up appointments it will be for a band assessment. Depending on a number of factors such as your weight loss, foods that you are able to tolerate, eating behaviours and any symptoms of reflux, heartburn or regurgitation that your band may or may not be adjusted. Please remember that patient safety will always be a priority and that the clinical team will be there for you on your weight loss journey.

After about 4-6 weeks, the gastric band will have healed into place sufficiently for the system to have its first filling. The timing of the first adjustment will vary between surgeons and their practices and will be based on the assessment of the patients progress.

Following are some considerations for band fills:

  • After each band adjustment, make sure you try a drink of water before you leave the surgeon's rooms. This is to check you can get fluids through the gastric band with no problems.
  • Stick to liquids for the first 12 hours after a fill and then progress to puree and then soft foods over the next 3 days towards a more normal diet.
  • After fillings, you may find that the reduction of the amount you can manage causes you some eating difficulties at first. This is generally due to additional restriction caused by the increased volume in the band which reduces the size of the narrowed part of the stomach.
  • This makes it particularly important to eat slowly, chew well and drink enough fluids between meals. If you are experiencing difficulties to chew and swallow, as a temporary measure go back to selecting foods that are soft and easy to swallow until the problem resolves.

Always stay in touch with your Doctor as they are a crucial part of your success!


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Bariatric Medicine Integrated cannot guarantee exact weight loss goals as the results and benefits of gastric band surgery varies from patient to patient and is dependent on patient compliance to the follow up programme. Results will vary for different users.
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