Since our inception, Bariatric Medicine Integrated has changed lives with the Bioring Gastric Band.

Our patients have had many successes and below we are sharing some of them with you.



Age 36 - Height 1.76m - Weight day of operation 126kg
My name is Irma and I'm happily banded !

20 Months ago Iwe went to Namibia on a family holiday.  Being overweight restricts a person in so many ways. On this holiday my body reminded me that its not designed to carry an additional 50 kilos. Constantly out of breath and hot I tried my best to keep up with the family activities and long walks on the beach to the extent that my inner thighs were bleeding from all the chaffing. We went to the most beautiful desert dunes. It was breathtaking but I knew I had to sit this one out and save myself the shame of quitting half way. 

Believe it or not but there in the desert was the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. Almost an embracement of some sort, to protect who ever needs protection. It was under that tree that I knew I had to change my life. Change for myself and for my family. After reaching out to find out everything I could about a gastric band I decided to take the 1 st few steps towards my new future

Banded 20 April 2015
Did my first Cycling race in October 2015
Attempted Argus in March 2016
Completed 947 in November 2016

I lost 50 kg and I'm happier than ever ! 
Its a journey not a race but the band gave me back my life ! 
Now 76kgs

I am a better mother to my children
I'm more confident as a business woman 
Being healthy is one of my top priorities 

I'm at goal weight and loving it ! 

Would I recommend the procedure to others ... a 1000 times YES ! 




I started this journey at a start weight of 160kg and a trouser size of 60, as measured in Dr. Dewar’s consultation rooms.
With a BMI index of 50, and described by the family practitioner as a walking heart attack I knew I had to make a drastic life change.

My current lifestyle now consists of at least an hour a day in the gym. Which I attend between 05:00 and 06:00 although that most often extends to 06:45.
Before my weight loss journey, I would walk 300m and be out of breath, even more so if the gradient was steep.
Now I can run on the treadmill for 20 minutes and be less fatigued as before. My daily ritual at the gym consists of the Cardio Circuit,
10 minutes on the rowing machine and 30 minutes on the Stationary Bike.

I look at the Guys and Gels trying to get larger muscles and think that that isn’t for me.
Heavy, I’ve done that.

One of the best feelings of losing all the weight, apart from the health benefits, is my ability to shop for clothing that fits. Not only in size, but is what I want to wear.
And not some safari, olive green drab bed sheet, because that’s the largest shirt in the store.

I found that on previous diets, heartburn was a terrible menace. That often forced one to give up on the weight loss, just to douse the fire that ragged within.
With the band I found the fills to be painless, the diet easy to follow as the hunger pains were gone, and the fire non-existent.
The biggest obstacle, I now can see is the one between ones ears.

Now 87kgs


Age: 43
Gastric Band procedure was done on the 18th of July 2016 weighing 106kg
First adjustment: 30th Sep 2016
Second band adjustment: 30th Jan (weight 93kg)

I am still on my weight loss journey, and I am loving it.
Date: 28th March 2017
Weight: 82.3kg
Lost: 24kg
Goal weight: 75kg (7kg to go)

Clothe size at beginning of journey: Size 18
Current size: 12 - 14

The reason why I chose the gastric band: I had tried ALL the diets some failed and some were successful and I kept on loosing
and regaining the weight. I was on the border line of chronic medication for high blood pressure, and I chose a healthy life by losing some weight
Today I am proud to say with the help of a Gastric band I have been successful.

Now 82.3kgs

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Bariatric Medicine Integrated cannot guarantee exact weight loss goals as the results and benefits of gastric band surgery varies from patient to patient and is dependent on patient compliance to the follow up programme. Results will vary for different users.
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